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laser transmission

Laser transmission - video, audio and data - high speed


EUROLASE offers a complete range of laser modules to respond to the signal transmission necessities as for video, audio and data.


This technology allows a reliable and secured connection between two points (fixed or moveable) on distances up to 4000 meters.


The various integrated interfaces that are proposed are responsible for very-high speed communication rates (up to 155Mb/s).

laser data transmission
video, audio and data laser transmission
Security & Confidentiality
  • Communication between management control on the ground and equipments (PLC's, terminals, …) installed on the overhead cranes or gantries,

  • Integration within the existing automatic data processing networks,

  • Low cost solutions for permanent or temporary installations, in urban environment, over rail tracks, woods, rivers, roads and highways, airports and harbor or military zones,

  • Time saving and planning lower costs, use without licence.

laser transmission laser transmission instance laser transmission betwwen crane
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